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Monday, October 09, 2017
By Francine Duffy
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I learned of the Moment Workshops after reading about my friend Sara’s experience and captivating images she was able to create after taking a workshop. The Momenta workshop I was interested in was on non-profit organizations. Since the beginning days of photography I have always made time to give back to the community via my photographs. Honestly in the past five years I became extremely bored with the “normal” shots that came with the non-profit photography I was taking. The images didn’t feel authentic, and said nothing about the organization besides people having fun at fundraising events or large galas dressed to the nines. I wanted to captivate my audience in a different way…
The Momenta workshop taught me so much more than I could have ever anticipated! I feel like I have grown so much as a photographer in the few days of taking the workshop. I learned to create stories in an editorial fashion. I learned being a fly on the wall has its advantages and disadvantages. I learned that images don’t need to be perfect, especially if the emotion outweighs the crooked horizon ;)
The non-profit organization I was blessed to work with was Meal on Wheels People-Portland. I met Julie, Director of Marketing and Communications, working for the organization for over 30 years. She drove me around for a couple days, and I got a chance to hear her story. The love she has for her husband and two children, her passion for bagpipes, but most importantly her passion for Meals on Wheels People, and how her passion transcended down to all of the volunteers that feed 5300 people a day. I learned so much about the organization that many can read on their website, but the most important lesson was making those human connections with so many people. My goal was to capture the passion of the volunteers preparing the food, delivery drivers assuming their daily routes and routines, and people eating and socializing in the centers as many of them do daily. The most important lesson…human connection! I especially felt it when I accompanied a driver to a residence home. As we sat in his living room, he was happy to see us and share some of his personal treasures. It was a feeling of fulfillment.
I leave the workshop with a lot less doubt in my work as an artist and story teller. It has been 2 weeks since being mind blown by the Momenta-Portland team that I am in the process of creating a new website!! I will no longer define myself as a “boudoir photographer” because 1. that word is so cliche and 2. I photograph more than just beautiful ladies. It is now time to shine to my fullest potential, and in return support others to do the same. So, I will keep you all updated on site as I have been creating content for everyone to enjoy.  Go check out the story at Meals on Wheels for the full story of images I was able to create.  

Thank you for reading ;)


Francine Duffy


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